2019 Block of the Month - Month 9

 by thequiltingpatch on 06 Sep 2019 |
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Hello again BOMers. 
We are on a roll with indoor plants in the quilt pattern - last month was African Violets and now it's time for the classic house plant - the anthurium. 
You recall them from the 70s and 80s right?
After a little google search I discovered that each tiny spot on the spadix ( the central column) is actually an individual flower. And you thought this was just about making quilt blocks? 

Alright, enough with the horticulture - let's get to the sewing..
So here is the downloadable pattern for this months block.
(Remember not to change the size when you print it.)

Of course we also have the layout sheet and number guides below so you can work out what is going where...

I'm sure this block is going to keep you busy for a bit - this month is a catch up before we head of to the USA for Quilt Festival, so please forgive me if I'm a bit remiss getting the patterns uploaded. Im going to try to get them all scheduled to post at the beginning of each month just in case I lose track of the date!
Till next time
Danni xx



Gwen Sarault - Comment
Gwen Sarault10 Sep 2019Reply
The 3rd page appears blank in Acrobat. I’ve tried on two different devices with the same result :-(
thequiltingpatch - Comment
thequiltingpatch10 Sep 2019Reply
Thanks Gwen - I couldnt fix that, but it is meant to be blank. All of the patterns are on the first two pages
Patricia - Comment
Patricia12 Sep 2019Reply
Hi Danni, looks like you had a great time, but glad to be back no doubt!! I know you like to keep us on our toes and keep my old brain going, but I’m having enormous difficulty with this months BOM. Can’t find any ‘f’ or ‘e’ pieces of pattern. Have got ‘u’ pattern pieces which don’t appear on plan and more! Am I
going mad? X
Hi Patricia - I think some of the pieces have relettered themselves!! I have printed it out and got the pieces back together again and it fits. I think once you get sewing and have fabric on the back side of the papers it will make more sense.
Lana W - Comment
Lana W13 Sep 2019Reply
For those who are having trouble with this one. Here are the correct letters for each section.
The only letter that is correct is "I".
Please change all the others as follows:
C=H, K=G, L=E, U=D, A=F, J=C, D=B, B=A.
By doing this your diagram will make sence.
Cheers LW

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