2019 Block of the Month - Month 3

 by thequiltingpatch on 11 Mar 2019 |
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Welcome to Month 3, and the primrose block
At the bottom of the page are the cutting instructions for the outer border strips as you'll want to cut those off your 3m background fabric before you use up too much of it. 
Also a note on the floral on point borders of each block, so please read the whole page. 

But back to this month... 
Ok its time for confessions - I'm not much of a gardener. I can do it, I just don't have much time for it. 
So I googled what a primrose looks like and up came this image. 

I'd say the block with its heart shaped leaves is fairly accurate then, wouldnt you?
Its a much simpler block this month, but watch the centre where it all comes together. There is a lot of fabric there, which may cause headaches. Try to layer the seam if you can. 

Here is the download for this month

Here are the layouts for the block

Cutting for the outer borders
The very outer border strips are 2 1/2" x 60", however I would suggest cutting 62" off your 3m of background fabric and cutting lengthwise* the following 
4 strips of 2 1/2" (  2 1/2" x 62")
4 strips of 3 1/2"  ( 3 1/2" x 62")  these are longer than we need but we will be recycling the leftovers into the corner blocks on the first patchwork border.

*lengthwise - remove the selvedge and cut along the selvedge edge, not across the width of fabric like you usually would for blocks etc.

A note on the floral pieced borders. ... My intention this year was to bring you a quilt that would help you to use up your scraps. With that in mind all of the floral pieces in this quilt can be just that. There's no need to make them the same as the original picture where all the floral fabrics are the same. I'll be making each of my blocks with a different floral surrounding and throwing every last scrap into that border.  Having said that if you want to use one fabric for the lot you'll need 1m, after all some of us have "scraps" that are 1m, or perhaps its that fabric we bought but just didnt find a home for yet. 
I hope that clears up any confusion. 


Peggy - Comment
Peggy14 Mar 2019Reply
Thanks for new block. Am really enjoying the
foundation piecing.
thequiltingpatch - Comment
thequiltingpatch14 Mar 2019Reply
Thanks Peggy! Im sure there will be some challenges to come, so Im glad you're getting into it

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