2019 Block of the Month - Month 1 Pt B

 by thequiltingpatch on 13 Jan 2019 |
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As promised here is Part B - the sun compass for the centre of this years quilt. 
You will be making 4 of these units and sewing them together to form a sun. 

Now my sun compass is quite literal, so I'm going to use yellows and oranges.
Yours could be any colour you like, even a rainbow compass would work quite well in this quilt that celebrates colour and mother nature. And of course it's a great way to use up more scraps.

So here is the link to the foundation pattern* for the sun compass. Each unit is 10", so your finished compass will be  20". It will be framed with a scrap floral frame once it has been sewn to background fabric. This pattern is just for the foundation units.

How to deal with the background fabric in this block...

The background pieces that sit in between the foundation piecing units are here . 
These are cut from background fabric and pieced in, although the outer edge and the centre circle can be appliqued if you find the curved piecing a bit daunting. Im afraid there is no getting out of piecing in the middle joining section, so just take your time, pin the edges and centre first and then pin in between. Pins are your friends!

If you are going to piece them,  I suggest hand tacking them first. Those curves can be a little painful, and you want to avoid too much unpicking. 

I have included the quarter circle, however if you want to applique a complete circle to the centre of the compass once it is all together this might be easier especially if you are planning on keeping it the one colour. 

Similarly you may want to applique the entire made compass ( 4 units sewn together in a ring with the middle joining section)  on to a background square that is 20 1/2"  rather than piecing it. This just involves turning your 1/4" seam over and hand sewing it to the centre of a 20 1/2" square. 

If you are struggling to turn the seam over due to the thickness of the fabrics in the seams - try this. Place your compass right sides together with a larger circle of light weight non fusible interfacing. Machine sew along the seam allowance of the compass, completely around the circle. Trim the interfacing to the same size as the compass unit. Cut a slit in to the centre of the interfacing circle, being careful not to cut your compass fabric. Turn the circle right right way out through the slit and press. Now you can applique this to the backgound 20 1/2" square. 

*The larger of the pieces does not fit on to A4 paper. You will need to join them along along the fold and stick lines on the pattern. Remember to print 4 copies of the foundation pattern  if you are sewing straight on to the paper. 



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