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 by thequiltingpatch on 01 Feb 2018 |
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Welcome to the 2018 BOM from The Quilting Patch..

It has been such a pleasure to watch all the 2017 quilts come together this last month. I'm so impressed by the quality of work and beautiful colour combos you have all come up with.
I hope you have learnt something from the quilt and have just enjoyed the journey. I can't wait to get all the quilts together for a quilt show!!!

When we got to the end of 2017, everyone was asking ... "what's next years' quilt Danni???" To be completely honest I was terrified at the thought of trying to take on another monthly project with the year I knew loomed ahead.
In the 11 years I've had my shop, I don't think I've ever had such a busy calendar booked as we do for 2018. With the program of shows and advertising we have organised for the Eppiflex templates, I just kept thinking " I can't do this!!!"  And it's not because I'm worried about running out of time, it's mostly because I don't want to let anyone down.
The thought of starting something I can't complete terrifies me. I don't know why - I have a sewing room busting with UFO's. I am, in fact, a firm believer that if you finish all your UFO's theres a good chance you will drop dead.  I occaisionally meet ladies who say " I only work on one project at a time". I know I should think that they are incredibly self disciplined, but really I think they are the daredevils of the patchwork world, laughing in the face of death. If I were them, I'd be afraid to leave the house between projects. 
On the subject of death, there's the bucket list, and then there's the quilters bucket list. When you start learning patchwork ( and quilting for that matter) you realise very quickly that unlike other crafts, in patchwork there is a curriculum that never ends. There is just so much to learn and do that a bucket list forms quite easily. Its little wonder that patchwork has been proven to keep dementia away. There's simply too much to learn - who's got time for dementia??

Having said all that, I think I've made a quilt that will keep you guys busy this year and not give me any headaches. And it's one that always been on my bucket list... A seminole quilt.

As you can see from the picture the rows will repeat and are mirrored from the centre out. There are 6 different rows to build - but you'll need to make 2 of 5 of them.
For the more complicated rows, you'll be given 2 months to complete them ( also taking the pressure off me!)

The quilt as pictured measures  48" x 64"  which is what I would call a lap size quilt.
If you want to make a queen size quilt, just double the width of your rows, making them 96" and either repeat any rows that you enjoy making and add them in OR increase the plain sashing strips from 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" and add borders. 
Here are the fabric requirements for the lap sized quilt that is pictured at the top.
If you are going queen sized you'll need at least double this, plus any border fabric.
I've included at the bottom other colourings you could use.

The chart uses yards, just buy the same amount in metres, there isnt much difference.

# this assumes that you are going to piece together the long plain sashing strips. If you want to cut them in one long strip along the length of the fabric them you will need to buy more to accomodate that. This will depend on what width you are making your quilt. 

We are going to start right smack bang in the middle of this quilt. So let's get on with it...
Our quilt starts with a Five Patch Chain. 
In the original lap sized quilt you would make 6 of these blocks and they should measure 8" finished
( 8 1/2" )
You can strip piece it, or cut squares and sew them back together. If you are going to make all your blocks the same colouring, strip piecing is definately the way to go. 
Here's the cutting chart and piecing guide. I design in EQ8. If you love computers and patchwork then EQ8 just the best.

So from the info above, you know what your strip width OR square size is - 2 1/8". You can go ahead and strip piece using the coloured diagram as a guide too. 
If youre unsure, let me confirm the strip sets for you...
No 1
   x 2 rows for each block

No 2
   x 2 rows for each block

No 3
   x 1 row for each block ( its the centre row)

If you are making 6 different coloured blocks then your strip sets won't start out very long as the most you will need to cut them is 2 1/8 x 2 ( lets go to 4 1/2" to be safe)
Once your strip sets are formed it is simply a matter of sewing the rows back together again, then joining the blocks together to form the row. 
AS ALWAYS, please do contact me if you're not sure what to do or my instructions don't make sense.


sue gallagher - Comment
sue gallagher01 Feb 2018Reply
Can thoroughly recommend the lampshade course soooo happy with mine and will be making a couple more thanks Danni
Amelia hourigan  - Comment
Amelia hourigan 04 Feb 2018Reply
Hi ,I'm so happy to be doing another so a long,with you all ,I Leary a lot in my first year .made4 quilts and have 3more on the go .I'm slowly doing better .this quilt will make upp nicely .cheers to you happy year sewing love xxx
thequiltingpatch - Comment
thequiltingpatch04 Feb 2018Reply
Hi Amelia! I wondered how you got on - Im really happy that you are learning and loving it. xxx
Elizabeth - Comment
Elizabeth28 Feb 2018Reply
Looks like smocking. This might have to go on my bucket list... scrap buster maybe?
thequiltingpatch - Comment
thequiltingpatch28 Feb 2018Reply
Yes doesnt it!! I'm going to use my stash I think.
Kim - Comment
Kim03 Mar 2018Reply
Love the colour challenge and the composition of design looks great. Looking forward to each month for the next lot 9f instructions. Thanks Dani

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