2017 Block of the Month - August Block 1

 by thequiltingpatch on 31 Jul 2017 |
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Hey there BOMers! As you may have noticed this is Block 1 for August, which means that there will be a block 2. With the number of individual sampler blocks in this quilt there was always going to be an extra block in one of the months in order to finish up the quilt in 2017.

Block 1 is called Bear's Paw, its quite a traditional quilt block and easy to see where it gets it name from. The outside edge of "claws" are formed by a row of half square triangles ( HST)
This month we are going to make them the modern way - the same way we did in April - setting a square of each colour together and sewing either side of the diagonal, then cutting on the diagonal line to make 2 HST units.

Here is the key and rotary cutting instructions for this block..

A - 2 1/4 " Squares ,  ( 4 x background, 1 x main)
B - 2 5/8" Squares  ( 8 x background,  8 x accent)
C - 5 5/8" x 2 1/4"  rectangles ( 4 in background colour)
D - 3 7/8" squares ( 4 in main colour)

The main job with this block is making the HSTs, once thats done its a simple block to get together. 
Its made up of corner units, joined with sashings to make three rows.

Here is the sewing layout

So two corner units joined by a C sashing make up the first row

Next row is 

This row is so easy, its just 2 x C sashings with an A square in the middle

The next one is the exact same as the first row, except its inverted ( upside down!)

So here is my August 1 Block ( a little bluer than I intended!)

Stay tuned, Block 2 is coming soon xx



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