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2017 Block of the Month - April

 by thequiltingpatch on 03 May 2017 |
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Hooray! Its April...

This Months block is based on the "square in a square" block. 

Here is the key and rotary cutting instructions for this block.. 

Im sure you have noticed already that there are no letters on the HST ( half square triangles) 
on the corners. They are all A pieces
For a change we are going to make the HST using  the quick HST method, something we havent done yet. 

So here are the cutting instructions 
A - 2 7/8 " Squares
( 6 background, 6 colour) DONT CUT THEM INTO TRIANGLES
B - 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 " rectangles ( 4 background)
C - 4 7/8" squares,  cut once on the diagonal to yield 2 triangles ( 4 in colour)
D - 4 1/2 " square (1 in colour)
E - 5 1/4" squares,  
cut twice on the diagonal to yield 4 triangles ( 4 in colour)

This is a fairly straight forward block to construct - it all starts in the centre of the block with the D square.
This month, Ive taken photos of my block as it comes together. 

So we begin by sewing two triangles (E) to the side edges of our centre square (D)
Seems pretty straight forward? Here the important thing is to line up the triangle tips evenly over the edge of the square.there should be a little over a 1/4 inch poking over the edge.

Once that is pressed, take your remaining E triangles and attach them to the other centre square edges.

So we now have a square in a square. Trim off the dog ears where the seams meet.
Now we repeat that process with the C triangles, to get a square in a square in a square!

Put that to one side now - we are going to make the HST units. 

Take the 12 ( total) A squares and match each background square up with a coloured square. 
On one of the pair, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. I chose my black background as its easy to see.

Now take the pairs to the sewing machine, facing the squares right sides together, sew a 1/4 inch away from the marking. Repeat with all 6 pairings.

Now we turn those squares around and sew 1/4 inch away from the marking beginning at the opposite corner. 

Once you have finished sewing you can cut on the sewn line.
Each pairing will yield 2 x HST to use in your block. You need 12 x HST in total. 

Putting the block together is quite simple. 
The side edge units are made by attaching a HST to both short edges of the rectangle B

Once you have these two made you can go ahead and pin them to the sides of your centre square in a square unit. 
The top and bottom rows of our block are made in a similar way, except we need two HST units on each short end.

Make sure that you have the HST colourings in the right place by using the colour pic as your guide.

And Voila! You are finished with April. 

You can spend the rest of the month catching up with the alternate blocks if you havent made them already!



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