2017 Block of the Month - February

 by thequiltingpatch on 29 Jan 2017 |
3 Comment(s)
This month's block is called Marmalade.. ( originally called Fools Square)

Here is the key and rotary cutting instructions for this block.. 

A  -  2 7/8" square

B -   3 1/4" square, cut once on the diagonal to yield 2 triangles

Ok, so you may prefer to sew this together in units, but I find it easier to sew 5 patch blocks together in rows. That way I can iron my seams in opposite directions on each row and they line up well.

 Have fun with Marmalade, I hope it is a nice little distraction from your other sewing this month. Dont forget Im right here if you get stuck or just want to say G'Day  xx



Alison Markham - Comment
Alison Markham31 Jan 2017Reply
Hi, quick question - are the outside (dark) squares & 1/2 st in the same fabric as the background ? Block 1 appeared to have a slightly different fabrics ( as the "outside" edges) to the background
thequiltingpatch - Comment
thequiltingpatch31 Jan 2017Reply
Yes they sure are Alison. I think its because is a mottled black, it might look like different fabrics at times. Hope that helps : ))
Amelia hourigan - Comment
Amelia hourigan02 Feb 2017Reply
This month not too good,
thequiltingpatch - Comment
thequiltingpatch02 Feb 2017Reply
Amelia - don't forget if you get stuck to yell out - I'm only too happy to explain xx
Anne Cooper - Comment
Anne Cooper03 Feb 2017Reply
question about what will come each month....fabric is on sell this weekend in Georgia. can you tell me how many colors for each month? I am so excited, as I just bought fabric for February, and I had to stop and think how to sew....this is simple enough but making me think as this is only week 4 of me ever quilting!
thequiltingpatch - Comment
thequiltingpatch03 Feb 2017Reply
Anna it just depends on how you plan to colour the quilt. All of my blocks are going to be much like the picture - each one a different colour, so Im only needing small amounts of lots of batiks. Like 20cm or fat eighths. If you are planning on picking say ten different fabrics for the colours, you wont need more than 10 fat quarters all up. I've really designed it to use up scrap, but I know not everyone has a stash of fabric. I hope this helps x

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